The Music Donald Trump Can’t Hear | Arts Expenditures of the World's 80 Richest People | Eliminate National Endowments for Arts and Humanities?

There is no music in this man.

excerpt: … Assaults on free speech; the imprisoning of critics and dissidents; attempts, on the Russian model, likely to begin soon, to intimidate critics of the regime with fake charges and conjured-up allegations; the intimidation and intolerance of even mild dissidence (that “Apologize!” tweet directed at members of the “Hamilton” cast who dared to politely petition Mike Pence); not to mention mass deportations or attempts at discrimination by religion—all things that the Trump and his cohorts have openly contemplated or even promised—are not part of the normal oscillations of power and policy.  They are unprecedented and, history tells us, likely to be almost impossible to reverse.

So we need to stiffen our spines and broaden our embrace, grasp tightly but reach out far. The conservatives who see Trump for what he is and are shocked by it—and there are many, though not as many as there should be—should be welcomed. We can postpone arguing about the true meaning of the Second Amendment while we band together to fight for the Constitution that precedes it.

READ: The Music Donald Trump Can’t Hear – The New Yorker


FiveThirtyEight compiled a handy list of the world’s 80 richest people, including each person’s wealth, the country where they live, whether or not their money is self-made, and the sector in which they deal or work.  What if there were another column, one for the arts?

READ: From Ancient Coins to Koons, the Arts Expenditures of the World’s 80 Richest People


The budget in the works by the Trump team allegedly calls for the complete elimination of the NEA and NEH, plus the privatization of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Read More →

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