what we’re reading | 7 steps to living under a Trump presidency

7 steps to living under a Trump presidency

1. Avoid pity parties: Put simply, avoid the temptation to continue commiserating with like-minded friends, strangers and family members while incessantly going over how undeserving Trump is to be POTUS. Constantly complaining about who didn’t do what and what an awful decision the Electoral College made will not reverse the election results. In fact, pity parties will cause one to become more agitated and depressed.

2. Stay active in local politics: It is a truism that all politics is local. Trump’s victory should inspire and re-ignite involvement in local politics. During local, county and state elections, you will find candidates attempting to adopt the Trump approach to campaigning. These local, county and state office candidates represent the pipeline of future political leaders and influencers. Be informed, vigilant and vocal.

3. Talk and listen to the Trump voters: Not all the people voting for Trump were racists, low informed or “deplorable.” Many had previously voted for President Obama; others had not voted in prior elections.  Listen, without predetermined conclusions, to the reasons they give for voting for Trump. Ask them what they specifically liked and didn’t like about Trump — both the man and the candidate. Try to figure out what their primary reason was for voting for Trump. Listen without judgment. Avoid debating or belittling them.

4. Use your media voice: Even though Hillary lost the Electoral College vote, you did not lose your voice. Use all forms of media — digital and print — to monitor, critique and comment on Trump’s administration. In other words, “keep him honest.” Intelligent and fact-based letters to the editor, along with blogs, Facebook and Twitter, reach and can influence a lot of people both directly and indirectly.

5. Plan for mid-term elections: Granted, the big prize of POTUS was lost. However, our constitutional government is made up of three branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Every two years, there is an opportunity to correct the course of the Legislative branch. Our system of government has checks and balances built in to ensure that the will of the people is ultimately realized. Get out and support the candidates you believe have your best interests at heart. Use the mid-term elections as a referendum, if necessary.

6. Support the office of POTUS: Even if you can never see yourself supporting the incumbent, do support and respect the office of President of the United States. While respect is often a one-way street in politics, it is, nonetheless, a precondition — if we want to continue the peaceful transition of power we’re so proud of and which serves as an example to the world.

7. Trust the process: Our system of government, while not perfect, still serves as the Lighthouse of Democracy for the world. No one man or woman can easily pre-empt the Constitutional process. Demagogues, fascists and new-age populists who seek to divide have a very short shelf life in our form of Constitutional government.

In summary, democracy is not a “spectator sport.” Just because your party or candidate doesn’t win is no excuse to take yourself out of the game. VIA

(top photo: 2017 cartoon HERE)


AND discuss this with your friends:

Sexism interacts with racism, classism, heterosexism, and other oppressions to shape the experience of individuals.  This is called intersectionality.  Compulsory heterosexuality is the prevailing belief that heterosexuality is the only “normal” relation between the sexes, which, in a sexist society, benefits men.


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One Reply to “what we’re reading | 7 steps to living under a Trump presidency”

  1. Good tips about living under an administration you didn’t vote in.
    I haven’t voted for a party that made it to government in the UK since 1976, so have spent most of my life suffering a leader I didn’t vote for.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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