The More We Disrupt, The More Things Are Exactly The Same

boys clubs in Silicon Valley


Vanity Fairpublished an excerpt from Emily Chang‘s forthcoming book, Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley. TL;DR: they have a lot of sex and drug parties at which they disrupt conventional morality by… replicating conventional sexist, heteronormative behaviors.

They don’t necessarily see themselves as predatory. When they look in the mirror, they see individuals setting a new paradigm of behavior by pushing the boundaries of social mores and values. “What’s making this possible is the same progressiveness and open-mindedness that allows us to be creative and disruptive about ideas,” Founder X told me. When I asked him about Jane Doe’s experience, he said, “This is a private party where powerful people want to get together and there are a lot of women and a lot of people who are fucked up. At any party, there can be a situation where people cross the line…

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2 Replies to “The More We Disrupt, The More Things Are Exactly The Same”

  1. Once I started reading things like ‘crossing a line’, and ‘cuddle puddle’, I began to have unwanted visions of the sort of people I really don’t like, perpetuating an abuse of wealth and power that has been around since the days of Ancient Rome. As with that Empire, such decadence will ultimately bring down those involved, at least I hope so.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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