The Dangers of Renting While Black in Gentrifying Cities

Property managers and large real estate companies have professionalized the forced removal of residents.


In another excellent piece written with support from the Economic Hardship Reporting Project, Joseph Williams investigates the increasingly deft mechanisms at work leading to the eviction of lower-income apartment dwellers in rapidly gentrifying cities. He does this while also chronicling his own descent from white-collar Politico reporter living in a luxury apartment, to jobless, homeless man.

In the essay, for Curbed, Williams considers various factors making renters at the lower end of the economic spectrum vulnerable — rampant gentrification; rents rising despite stagnating and declining incomes; the job insecurity of the gig economy — and adds that people of color, like himself, are even more vulnerable. It’s a painful truth that’s driven home for him on his court date.

When I got there, the assigned courtroom, number 303, was locked, and the hallway was crowded with my fellow scofflaws. Nearly all of them were people of color; judging by…

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One Reply to “The Dangers of Renting While Black in Gentrifying Cities”

  1. Gentrification of former working class areas was rampant in London, during the early 1980s. It wasn’t so much the displacement of ethnic minorities that happened, rather the replacement of ordinary working people by high-fliers looking to live close to the financial district in the City of London area.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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