Banana Republic – Spike Dolomite – Medium

I think this is Mr. Trump

It’s Black History Month. Josephine Baker was a singer and dancer in the 20s and 30s — the closest thing that the Jazz Age had to a mega-star. She was American and an international star but she ended up living in France because Americans treated her like a common negro. She wore exotic costumes. The most famous costume was a short skirt made out of bananas and nothing else. Josephine was a WWII spy. She helped her adoptive country by sneaking intelligence into other countries while she was on tour — messages written on sheet music written in invisible ink. She rose to the rank of lieutenant in the Free French Air Force. When the war was over she received both the Croix de Guerre (a first for an American woman) and the Medal of the Resistance in 1946. In America she was just black.

Source: Banana Republic – Spike Dolomite – Medium

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