On War, Imperialism, and Racism – AAIHS

How do we comprehend that bizarre reality? What does it mean to live in the belly of the beast, if you possess a conscience and are more or less awake? It means, as James Baldwin noted, to live in perpetual rage. It means, as well, that you have a sacred responsibility: you must fight empire at home.

Source: On War, Imperialism, and Racism – AAIHS

2 Replies to “On War, Imperialism, and Racism – AAIHS”

  1. Haliburton is such a blatant scandal, I couldn’t see it surviving anywhere but in the USA, where profit is worshipped as nowhere else. The connection of individuals to the arms industry is tolerated there in a way unthinkable in most European countries.. And the poor and uneducated keep finding military service to be their only option, supplying the meat grinder that generates the need for more weapons, more munitions, more profits.
    You need a revolution, but I doubt I will ever see that happen in my lifetime.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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