Reckoning With the “Native Harvey Weinsteins” | InvestigateWest

“It’s difficult to talk about these things because of the oppression and racism that still exists today,” says Rebecca Balog of the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center. “Do we want to air our dirty laundry for outsiders to look at tribes and further diminish us? How do you find your healing and hold people accountable when the message since 1491 has been to stay together, that the enemies are not in the home or in the community but on the outside? It takes a lot of bravery to disclose abuse and break that code of silence.”

Source: Reckoning With the “Native Harvey Weinsteins” | InvestigateWest

2 Replies to “Reckoning With the “Native Harvey Weinsteins” | InvestigateWest”

  1. I was interested to read this. We obviously don’t have an indigenous community here, but we do have many ‘closed’ communities, ones that tend to govern themselves unofficially. Orthodox and Hassidic Jews, Indians and Bangladeshis, and a large Chinese community in London too. They tend not to involve the authorities in their lives. They rarely call an ambulance, almost never seek help from the police, and avoid contacting social services.

    I dated an Anglo-Chinese girl for a time, in 1971. I was 19, and she was 23. When we got to know each other well, she told me that she had often been groped and fondled by her Chinese ‘uncles’ from a relatively early age (12-13), with her father looking on. She had also been expected to tolerate being ‘admired’ by Chinese business colleagues of her father (he had a restaurant) whilst she worked as a waitress.That involved sitting with them as they had drinks, and letting them touch her. And she was a big girl, large and heavy. One of the reasons for her size was that she would overeat from the time she was a teenager, hoping that it would put off her ‘admirers’.

    I asked her why she still allowed it, and told her it would definitely affect our relationship if it continued.

    She was quite tearful, but said that if she refused, they would start on her younger (and very attractive) sister, who was only 15. After some time, I was too uncomfortable with what was going on, and stopped seeing her. She told me that I would never understand the patriarchal culture of the Chinese. Despite her size making her considered to be unattractive in her community, this sexual touching was more about power and tradition, than lust or desire. She told me that she was considered to be part of the ‘hospitality’, like drinks, or cigarettes. I thought that was shocking of course, but she refused to let me get involved with tackling her parents over this treatment.

    Even after all this time, I often wonder how she got on in life.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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