5 Replies to “APTN Investigates: Cowboys and Pretendians”

  1. I must say the YouTube video title “keep America beautiful ( crying – Indian” is really disturbing. I would like to update that commercial and have the ” crying – Indian” use his canoe paddle to knock Scott Pruitt and Donald Trumpee into the polluted water and then laugh loudly and say “Stop voting for greed and ignorance before they kill you!” I would title that YouTube video; “Keep America Beautiful ( laughing – Indian)” LOL!👍👊
    I have resubscribed to your blogs and I hope that solves my connection problem in WordPress notifications!💡

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      1. I’m still just getting notifications on comment “likes” and nothing for comment replies. I’ll have to remember to go to my browser and double check the comments… until WordPress fixes this. So if you see me re-following your blogs… Over and over… You’ll know why.👍👊

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  2. The list of ‘pretendians’ in Hollywood productions is huge indeed.
    It applies to other races of course. Christopher Lee playing an ‘evil’ Chinese man as ‘Fu Manchu’, and English actor Ben Kingsley winnning the Best Actor Oscar for playing Gandhi at a time when there were many talented Indian actors available. British thespian Robert Morley played the Emperor of China in ‘Ghengis Khan’ (1965), and in the same film the Egyptian actor Omar Sharif portrayed the Mongolian Emperor Ghengis.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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