Does Money Make You Mean? Rich Asshole Syndrome?

I’ve been thinking a lot about why it’s dangerous to elect rich politicians.  It’s easy to have an opinion on the subject but facts to support such an opinion seem hard to come by…

What if most rich assholes are made, not born? What if the cold-heartedness so often associated with the upper crust—let’s call it Rich Asshole Syndrome—isn’t the result of having been raised by a parade of resentful nannies, too many sailing lessons, or repeated caviar overdoses, but the compounded disappointment of being lucky but still feeling unfulfilled? We’re told that those with the most toys are winning, that money represents points on the scoreboard of life.

But what if that tired story is just another facet of a scam in which we’re all getting ripped off?

GOOD READ: Does Money Make You Mean?


  1. All very pertinent. It is never about having ‘enough’ with those people. They have to aspire to ‘more than enough’. Then when they get there, they want ‘even more than that’ Capitalist obscenity.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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